CookieChipper 2.3 is now available... Read more about it here

It appears as though IE has changed quite a bit in Windows 8.  If anyone has any background information, please let me know!  CookieChipper 2.3 works with IE 9 and previous versions.

Project Description
This is the only comprehensive and freely available cookie management solution for MSIE 8 and higher.  Mark cookies as "locked" and then clean your cookie cache, preserving only your locked cookies.  Never again have to log in to that site you use every day just because you cleared your browser history!

This is a rather old project that I've had stowed away for years and decided to dust off and make available. It's a simple demonstration of how to manage MSIE cookies, cataloged by the index.dat database and stored as individual files.  It's claim to fame is that you can mark cookies as locked or "protected" and then, with a single button click (or command line), delete all unprotected cookies from your cache. Clearly better than IE's delete-all-or-nothing approach.


  • Pretend you're an FBI digital forensics expert and explore your IE cookie cache.
    • Display all cookies used by MSIE
    • Protect cookies from removal when using Clean
    • Highlight cookies related to URLs stored in your Favorites menu
    • Highlight cookies that are expired or about to expire
  • Register CookieChipper as an IE add-on in the IE Tools menu
  • Lock your favorite cookies so they are not deleted
  • Clean your cookie cache, deleting all unlocked cookies
  • Automate a cleaning from the command line
  • Search for cookies based on their source domain
  • Use view filter to see only protected cookies
  • Use view filter to see cookies related to your Favorites
  • Delete selected individual cookies
  • Open Web browser to domain of selected cookie
  • Open selected cookie file in Notepad

Crystal ball... (features coming in future releases)

  • Peek at the upcoming release here.
  • I'm realizing that an auto-refresh feature, invoked when new cookies are added, would be pretty tricky.  Consider that one page like loads roughly 26 cookies, I'd need to defer any new notifications in an attempt to batch up the index scans...  hm... thinking...
  • Localize!  This pretty much s*cks with WinForms but it is possible.


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